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Boku Casino Sites with Felt Gaming Software

Felt Gaming are specialists in the world of casino table games. Here we list those Felt Gaming casino sites that also accept Boku as a deposit method.

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An Overview of Felt Gaming

The company’s website depicts a highway sweeping across a North American desert scrubland before disappearing into a distant mountain range. Yet Felt Gaming is in fact a small United Kingdom based casino software company. It is focused on producing top quality table game formats for online casinos. This privately held firm was founded in 2013, and employs fewer than a dozen people.

In today’s crowded gaming market, the vast majority of casinos provide at least a few traditional table games amongst the comparative ocean of slots. This means that the competition amongst software companies to get their own table game formats on board each individual casino is fierce. And with Felt Gaming being so tiny, you would expect them to get lost in the crowd.

But the company is in fact doing very well, forging an impressive reputation amongst industry insiders. It is succeeding by creating its own niche, providing the best quality, most realistic games possible. It’s increasing availability on an increasing number of casinos is testament to the success of its strategy.

Felt Gaming is in fact, appropriately named, because its determination to provide the most exceptional realism even stretches to the fabric of its virtual cloth. The company’s graphics do their best to simulate the sound and feeling of plushness you get when playing for real on a top class casino table.

The attention to detail is extraordinary, as the company’s quality formats put the lacklustre efforts of some other designers in the shade. It’s like comparing the latest textured Pixar movie animation to an old Tom & Jerry cartoon.

The design ethic goes far beyond the nap of the table cloth though. Even the playing cards have a kind of ‘linen’ look and sound as they are dealt onto the finely brushed virtual cloth. Meanwhile plastic is nowhere near classy enough for the chips on these games. Instead, the finely processed graphics and sound effects imply a quality clay manufacture; only the finest materials will do for Felt Gaming’s casino clients.

This unrivalled quality of design can be experienced on any kind of device. All formats are designed in HTML5, so they can be played on your mobile or tablet. The graphics are superb, but the effect is magnified if you can play on a device with a quality sound system. Here the sounds of play add to the rich atmospheric graphics to really give you a luxurious experience.

All the main table games are available, including Blackjack, Poker and Roulette, with a total of over a dozen different formats available. All are of exceptional quality, but it really is the Blackjack which stands out. This traditional game is available in a variety of forms, with single and multi-player games’ differing side bet options and slightly different rules to really try to give the dedicated player exactly what they want.

In fact, so good is the experience on offer that the company even had one of its Blackjack formats nominated for the online gaming industry’s premier accolade, the EGR Game of the Year Award in 2016. This is a remarkable achievement in a sector normally dominated by slot designs.

So if you like to play traditional table games, keep an eye open for these top quality designs.